Check out an interactive tutorial for kids where they can learn about: food prices, supply and demand, food supply chain and risk.

Understanding how futures markets play an important role in our every day lives is an eye opener.  Take a fun journey with the learning module put together by CME Group.

It's amazing how fast the next generation of kids learn on computers now days.  I can't help feeling my own knowledge is quickly becoming outdated when I have to depend on my kids to configure our iphones.  Kids love to learn and they do it fast!  After having spent time teaching how to manually calculate how markets move with a calculator, watching an 8 year old execute trades on a simulated trading account is a pretty amazing sight.

Learning through play and games are natural processes for children.  The more fun they have while engaging education, the faster they learn taking that knowledge to new heights!  I love the tutorials that CME put together containing a wealth of information in a fun and basic way kids (and adults) can easily learn from.  There's even iPhone and Android apps with learning games kids find interesting have fun playing.