Our program is designed as a step by step a "hands on" approach to gaining a solid understanding of futures options trading. You'll gain a strong foundation to further your working knowledge of advanced professional strategies in Oahu's:

Foundation on Futures & Options Markets


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You'll have to access to step by step instructional videos and assignments. Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace -- watch on mobile devices.

Professional traders and investors trade futures options spreads to manage risk and utilize creative ways to earn reasonable returns over the amount of risk taken.

In our online tutorial, we will quickly cover all the basics you need to understand Option Spreads as a foundation.  This is a "hands-on" course where you practice, not just theory.


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You'll learn:

  • Understanding debits & credits
  • Cost and PNL calculations
  • Manage risk and targets
  • Use "The Greeks" in decisions
  • How to monitor your position
  • Understand vertical spreads
  • Short, easy to follow lessons