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Managed Futures Programs

View over 100+ managed futures and options programs. Take a look at systems from developers covering a vast array of algorithms with strategies across commodity and financial markets. Diversify your investment portfolio with investment units from different programs.

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If you're a producer or consumer of bulk raw material commodities looking for guidance, view our articles covering a range of markets. Visit our partner site to learn about structured commodity finance and commercial hedging services.  Or, read our articles to learn more.

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View active trade ideas on our Marketplus Watchlist updated throughout the week. Get a range of strategies covering technical, fundamental option and futures analysis from professional consultants and traders. Access charts, video news commentary directly from CMEGroup to help your decisions.

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Don't know anything about financial markets or options?  Learn through our MarketPlus "Over-Under" by simply selecting "higher or lower". It's a simple proposition that teaches market basics -- if price is higher than a "breakeven line" by a given time, profit or take a loss if you're wrong.  Alternatively, you can take the other side.

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Join our online webcasts and chat sessions.  We'll cover highlights on trade strategies where you'll receive tips and important reminders on upcoming events in financial markets.

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CONCEPTS LEVELS 1 - 3: Futures & Options

This is a 3 part set of online video courses that provide a novice with "hands-on" experience to learn basics in futures options trading.

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A comprehensive training package which includes all 3 training courses (L1, L2, L3), all 10 Premium eBooks, and 2 "Live" web meet sessions to ensure you're on the right track.

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Helpful materials that go along with our course and online mentorship. Get the online encylopedia of option strategies and a tool to help plan option trades.

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Each week get our report to quickly find which strategies on futures markets you'll use.

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Compliments both our online course and ACE materials where you can receive 1-on-1 help building your strategies using futures and options.

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In the early 80s Paul became a market maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Two years later, he became a Floor Trader on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and traded options on US Treasury Bond futures

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Get the best blend of professional articles, books combined with courses and consulting! You'll find experienced and professional traders to meet and discuss material they've written. Learn "how to" trade spreads on futures options, backtest trade strategies or build automated systems. You'll find market data, software, research and tools used by the Pros.

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