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So, what's the next step?

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Risk Management

If you're a producer or consumer of bulk raw material commodities and looking for guidance, view our articles here covering a range of markets. Visit our partner site to learn about structured commodity finance and commercial hedging services.

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Risk Management Articles


View active trade ideas on our Marketplus Watchlist updated throughout the week. Get a range of strategies covering technical, fundamental option and futures analysis from professional consultants and traders. Access charts, video news commentary directly from CMEGroup to help your decisions.

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Don't know anything about financial markets or options?  Learn through our MarketPlus "Over-Under" by simply selecting "higher or lower". It's a simple proposition that teaches market basics -- if price is higher than a "breakeven line" by a given time, profit or take a loss if you're wrong.  Alternatively, you can take the other side.

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Join our online chat sessions online for 20 minutes.  We'll cover highlights on trade strategies where you'll receive tips and important reminders on upcoming events in financial markets.

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COURSE I - Practical Trading in Futures & Options

This is an online video course that provides a novice with "hands-on" experience using MarketPlus Over-Under as a tool to learn basics in futures options trading. Next step beyond theory!

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COURSE II - MarketPlus Premium

Go to the next level after our first course. Course II titled "MarketPlus Premium" shows how to build strategies and see how they're tested. You'll learn to create these exact strategies yourself to trade now. By seeing how they've performed in past, you'll have a clearer sense on what to expect as you create your own strategies.

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Helpful materials that go along with our course and online mentorship. Get the online encylopedia of option strategies and a tool to help plan option trades.

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Each week get our report to quickly find which strategies on futures markets you'll use.

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Compliments both our online course and ACE materials where you can receive 1-on-1 help building your strategies using futures and options.

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Best value! Consists of the above mentorship combined all our online courses, tools and software necessary for trading options on futures.

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Get the best blend of professional articles, books combined with courses and consulting! You'll find experienced and professional traders to meet and discuss material they've written. Learn "how to" trade spreads on futures & options, backtest trade strategies or build automated systems. You'll find market data, software, research and tools used by the Pros.

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