Risk Management


Oahu Capital provides proprietary technology helping producers and end-users dealing in commodity wholesale manage price risk in their operations.

Our team will help you analyze data in your business cycle to determine how volatility in commodity prices affecting your business operation can be managed through hedging strategies.  Using financial markets to manage uncertainty with industrial hedges on general energy consumption (electricity, fuel, gas) or feedstock cost with fertilizer, grain, foreign exchange on imports can signifcantly impact bottom line profits.

Use an experienced commodity trading advisor. We'll help guide and further your understanding on strategies and how these would be implemented by designing a program that fits your business.  Access powerful proprietary decision tools below to aid your decisions with our team to help support and manage complexities inherent in derivative and OTC financial structures.  Concentrate on your business while using Oahu as an extension of your operation.

Global Money Transfers

Facilitate currency transfers globally using Oahu Capital's relationship with OFX. OFX has been providing international payment services for over 20 years and at the heart of our culture are our people and our partnerships. These relationships are built on integrity, expertise and transparency.

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FX Risk Management

Oahu's services are tailored for small business and large corporates providing professional guidance in managing risks in their foreign exchange exposure. Work with intuitive decision tools to manage complex calculations and collaborate with our professional team for insights. 

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Crop Production

Watch a video using decision making tools in crop production. It allows you to test a number of 'what if' scenarios using futures and options to see the net effect of profitability on your business to make better marketing decisions. Customized decision tools for your business.

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Manage Your Commodity Risk

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