Below is a list of software used by experienced professionals across futures and options markets.  Our team uses these in our training courses and can assist you on setting up with your brokerage account.


An award winning platform for professional traders. As a registered CTA, Oahu Capital Group, LLC can help you set up and reach a wide network of brokers and clients looking to add managed strategies in their portfolios.

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OWL-2 Web Calculator

Easily calculate prices for Entry / Exit on Future Options Spreads

Confused on quote conventions with multiple future options contracts? The "OWL-2" (Option Web Ladder) is a browser based calculator designed for trading options on futures. It's the shortened version of our original OWL software. Easily calculate price conventions on ES, GC, CL, ZB, SB, LE, ZC, 6E, 6J ... or any futures market

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DZH International

DZH International offers charting software and data covering international markets. Oahu Capital offers their services to clients looking to trade Asian markets with charting software and indicators.

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OptionVue is a front end software that allows professional option traders to model and execute sophisticated spreads. Watch a library of video tutorials below and consider learning to trade futures options from our collection of Paul Forchione's eBooks.

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