OptionVue is a front end software that allows professional option traders to model and execute sophisticated spreads. Watch a library of video tutorials below and consider learning to trade futures options from our collection of Paul Forchione's eBooks.

OptionVue only allows a 2 week trial. However, if you request this with Oahu Capital completing our form below, we can usually provide an extended trial up to 30 days with real-time market data.  Complete the form below and please state in the last field your experience and interest in trading options markets.

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Learn about Futures Options

Part 1:  Basic Videos

Below are links you can click to watch videos on using OptionVue software.

Introduction Matrix Part 2 TradeFinder
Quotes Display Part 1 Graphic Analysis Part 1 Survey
Quotes Display Part 2 Graphic Analysis Part 2 OpScan
QuoteVue Real-Time Data Portfolio Account Set up  
Matrix Part 1 Portfolio Trade Entry  

Part 2:  OptionVue Essentials

Here is a general list of basics you'll want to learn.

  • Customizing OptionVue
  • Matrix and Graphic Analysis
  • Graphic Analysis and TradeFinder
  • Price and Volty Charts
  • Price and Volatility Charts
  • Auto Scan Tools: Trade Finder, Survey and OpScan
  • Survey and OpScan
  • Portfolio Manager: Info, T.Log, Status, and Reports
  • Following a Trade: Portfolio Manager
  • Volatility Models
  • Added Functionality
  • BackTrader and Managing Existing Positions


Futures Options eBooks

Get your copy of Paul Forchione's book, "Using Futures Options for Day Trading & Hedging" for $10 USD.

See our complete 10 eBook series showing option strategies used by institutional and floor traders that are suitable for retail traders.

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