One of the biggest financial challenges many face is how to adequately grow their investments in light of low interest rate environments and high market volatility.  

Some of the most common questions we ask ourselves:

Check mark 25x25 What's the best way to make my hard earned savings work for me?  

Check mark 25x25 Should I invest all of my money in stocks, a mutual fund or financial advisor?

With emergence of electronic trading in the last couple decades, many individuals have taken strides to educate themselves in financial markets.  The growth of retail traders has exploded beyond traditional assets (stocks, bonds, real estate) into alternative markets as futures and FX.  In 2016, it was reported that volume from retail foreign exchange trading represents 5.5% of the whole foreign exchange market or $282 billion in daily trading turnover.

While the Internet has rapidly grown with offers and access to many areas of market education and access, the average retail trader often experiences concerns and difficulties associated with "DIY" (do-it-yourself) sustainability.  While the average retail trader starts with learning to trade small accounts in Forex or commodities with a few thousand dollars, many find difficulties managing risk on high daily volatility.  This is aside from time in their full time careers to sustain any level of pro-longed success.

Our purpose at is to provide an awareness on different ways retail traders can diversify their investments from traditional means (cash in bank, stock picks, FX, etc.).  While our site offers state-of-the-art execution platforms as OptionVue or TradeNavigator and programs where retail traders can access professional consulting on building their own trade systems, one of the core services we bring to awareness is "World Cup Advisor" (WCA) and World Cup Trading Championships".  These programs allow individuals access to professional traders with a track record where they can opt to have their own accounts "mirrored" after talented and experienced traders.  The level of talent from many of those in the World Cup Advisor program are from experienced professionals in large funds where the amount of money and qualifications would restrict participation from the average retail investor (* see accredited investor requirements).  A program like WCA allows the average retail investor open a small brokerage account with a minimum of $10,000 and opt to mirror "Live" trades from experienced professionals.

Many have heard of Larry Williams who is known for taking part in a trading contest.  Williams won the 1987 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading from the Robbins Trading Company, where he turned $10,000 to over $1,100,000 (10,900%) in a 12-month competition with real money.  Well, what if ... instead of struggling to garner years of hard market experience, education, cost of market data and long hours analysis to trade on a "DIY" endeavor, you could open a small brokerage account where everytime Larry placed a real trade in his own account, it would "mirror" into your account?

Larry W

While we encourage you to tour around our educational website as we have many credible and professional resources if you are a self-directed trader, we'd certainly like to encourage you to take a look at our programs for World Cup Advisor.  Start by clicking below and receive a Free blended report on Larry and some of the other Pro traders our program.  You'll get their up-to-date 2016 stats!


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