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All Trade Navigator software packages require subscription to a data service

  tng plat 2 tng gold 2
End-of-Day History All All
Tick History All 1 Year
Basic Gann mark mark
Basic Fib Tools (Not Fib Clusters) mark mark
Fundamental Data history/Graphing mark mark 
Breakout/Range Bars mark mark 
Multiple Detachable Quote Boards mark mark 
Read CSI, MS7 and ASCII Data mark mark 
Detachable Charts mark mark 
Basic Seasonals mark mark
Trade Server Trading (Our Sim Broker Server) mark mark
Custom Chart Pages mark mark
Streaming Replay+ mark mark
Trade Filtering/Full Report mark mark
Definable Start/Stop times for Charts mark mark
Trade Profile (Market Profile)+ mark mark 
Heiken Ashi Bars mark mark
Support 3rd Party Libraries+ mark mark 
"What If" Chart Bars mark mark
TradeSense Order Groups mark mark
Custom Indicators and Highlight Bars mark mark
Full Alerts Suite mark mark 
Highlight Bar Reporter mark mark 
Data Exporting mark mark
AMPT (Auction Market Price Theory)+ mark mark 
Chart /Indicator Scoring mark  
Strategy Development mark  
Strategy Baskets mark  
Auto Trading mark  
Strategy Backtesting mark  
Strategy Optimization mark  
Fundamental Basket Backtesting mark   
Real Trading Broker Access+ All Broker Access 2 Broker Limit
Free One-on-One Training Sessions  5 3