Since 1989, Moore Research Center, Inc. has provided futures traders with keen historical research and seasonal analysis. MRCI has concentrated its full efforts on researching the past so you, the futures trader, can probe deeper into the markets, hopefully aiming those trading guns at seasonal targets.

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What is MRCI?

Trade Outlooks, Seasonal Reports, Spread Correlations

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Information for educational purposes only and not a solicitation for investment or trade activity. 

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Steve Moore began trading in the early seventies with various firms in the Pacific Northwest. In the mid-eighties he set up a computer research facility for one of the major Chicago brokerage firms. In 1990 he took his ability to transpose and understand historical analysis through computer technology and made Moore Research Center, Inc. into a viable research tool for all traders. Steve has worked with among the finest in this industry, including Linda Bradford Raschke, and a host of futures brokerage firms. Steve is currently a full time futures & options trader. Steve will gladly answer questions regarding Moore Research Center's extensive line of research, and his past experiences in the market.

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We must caution you MRCI does not make predictions, or in any way attempt to offer trading advice. Our company deals strictly with the past, with analysis, and understanding how correlations and patterns can guide you to a trade which might recreate its seasonal pattern. If you need research, charts, graphs, even an explanation of our services, we'll gladly help. However, no trade recommendations or advice can or will be given. Moore Research Center, Inc., has been registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor with and thus regulated by the National Futures Association, the futures industry's trade association and self-regulating body, since 1989.

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